Saturday November 19th, 2016 - Over size by Florim now in PEPE!!

Megaformats revolution in the Pepe’s studio. We’re proud to announce that our office is the first one in Poland to show Magnum tiles in 3,20×1,60m format!! Two or three tiles and the wall is ready 😉 We offer you a few different colours, so you can choose your favourite one. Come to see them!

15068355_1175826715800125_3574565866133526262_o 15123014_1175827095800087_921624777996993916_o 15129002_1175826699133460_1269373614575393120_o 15129031_1175826672466796_5124574815522479710_o 15129608_1175826859133444_1711420747941660774_o 15137395_1175826705800126_1766416096011188211_o